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      1. Twinbird Global

        Twinbird Global

        A twinbird is a pair of birds.
        We like to think that we the producers,and our customers who use our products,are like a pair of birds.
        The joy of our customers is our joy.
        From this point of view we named the company and the brand name "twinbird."

        International Business Operations Headquarters

        Please send your comments about this site from here.

        【Attention to fraudulent e-mail using the Twinbird name】
        It has come to our attention that there has recently been a fraudulent e-mail asking to transfer money to an unexisting bank account, while falsely claiming to work at Twinbird.

        Please be aware that these kinds of e-mails are not legitimate and have nothing to do with Twinbird.

        The e-mail stated an account Twinbird have never used in the past. Please beware of these types of bank transfer fraud, which attempt to appear legitimate by claiming the Twinbird name. Please contact us directly for advice with respect to unusual or suspicious cases, so that we can verify the legitimacy of the contact you have received.

        Please contact our service members as below.

        Finance Team